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Got a question about our handmade natural soap? The answer may already be here! 

Where can I purchase your products? 
Seatree products are available to buy here at www.seatree.org.uk 
You may notice the ingredient list has some strange things, like sodium olivate; this is a natural salt that is created when you add sodium hydroxide (lye) to olive oil in the soap making process. Rest assured we only put natural ingredients in our products. 
We only put natural oils in our soap, the rule is if it doesn’t derive from a plant, vegetable, mineral or animal by-product then it won’t make the cut for our soap. 
If you are really unsure and you want to check please do google any ingredient on our list for your own peace of mind and feel free to contact us for more detail on any of our ingredients. 
The longer explanation is: Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is an alkali salt which is used to turn oils and fats into soap! Once this has been achieved the Sodium Hydroxide (lye) will evaporate out of the bar during the curing process and leave your soap completely lye free as well as 100% natural and great for your skin. 
This is to allow the lye and water to evaporate out of the bars, but also gives the bar time to harden and make a top quality bar of soap instead of a squishy mess. This is a traditional method of making cold process soap, which in our opinion is the best quality soap you can get. 
The hot process is different; it is done at higher temperature, with a shorter curing time but yields a rustic (clumpy) looking bar, which doesn’t look as good, but still can be a great soap if made with the right natural ingredients. Our bars only use the cold process and 100% natural ingredients
The reason for this is palm oil is responsible for a large part of deforestation of some of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse places on the planet. Even the sustainable palm oil is ethically questionable as how can it be sustainable if supply outstrips demand. If demand for this oil is so much that we can’t fulfil the amount needed, then more land will have to be made available to produce it. This is where more rainforest is cut down to make plantations for palm oil. So in conclusion we do not use any palm oil or palm kernel oil in our products, as we here at Seatree Cosmetics strive to be as ethically correct to our planet as we can choose to be. 
Firstly, the animal fats make a really great bar of soap with a beautiful creamy lather. 
Secondly, if we didn’t use these ingredients then your beautiful natural bar of soap would be so soft it would fall apart in your hands (due to the soft nature of most vegetable based fats). It’s worth pointing out the majority of vegan soaps have to use palm oil to make them a good quality bar of soap to ensure it won’t fall apart in your hands. As discussed above, palm oil production is responsible for deforestation and loss of habitat to hundreds and thousands of animals every year so we feel that even though our products can’t be labelled vegan, they are ethically sound. 
Finally, we made the choice to use animal fats in our soap because people eat meat regardless of the vegan movement, and we are utilising the parts which don’t get used to turn them into beautiful natural glycerin rich soap, which is great for your skin. 
We spray the soap with a minute amount of alcohol to prevent soda ash from forming on the bars. Although soda ash is harmless, it really is visually unappealing! 
Although the amount of alcohol used is extremely small, we believe in full disclosure to our valued customers, which is why everything we put into or on our soap is written on our ingredient list. 
Essential oils are completely natural and come from either pressing or distilling natural ingredients. For example, if you were to take our lemon essential oil, it is cold pressed; basically you squish a lot of lemon peel in a press and the oil that comes out is used in your soap. 
Some soaps use fragrance oil, which is synthetic and made to smell like the real thing. As well as being a lot cheaper than natural essential oils, these products can contain a large range of nasties, ranging from irritants all the way to carcinogens, but you will never know what is in them as all they are required to put on the label is ‘parfum’. If you see this on any of your products - run a mile, as anything that can be so vague with its actual ingredient list is open for abuse from profit hungry super companies that don’t care about their customers. Here at seatree we only use essential oils in our beautiful natural glycerin rich soap, so as well as smelling great, we know they are great for your skin. 
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