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Seatree Cosmetics 100% natural soap handmade in devon

Why Choose Natural Products? 

With so much information available on the benefits of natural products, we here at Seatree Cosmetics, we believe that going natural is the way to go. 
Natural products, such as our natural soaps, are not only brilliant cleansers, but keep moisture locked into your skin, whilst being a lot less harmful to the environment. 
How do we classify natural soap? 
We think natural soap has: 
• No chemicals added for antioxidation 
• No chemicals added for preservatives 
• No chemicals full stop. 
There are a lot of harmful ingredients added to soap. A common example of this is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a synthetic chemical which acts as a cleanser and foaming agent.  
This nasty ingredient is basically a degreaser, which was originally used in World War 2 as an engine cleaner
Since then it has been used in laundry detergent and washing up liquid as it is so good at getting rid of grease and making bubbles.  
Someone then had the idea of putting it in soap, shampoo and shower gel. This is where they went too far. 
Using an industrial cleaner in your everyday skincare is not a good idea. But with clever marketing and rock bottom prices, the cheap cosmetics industry has boomed.  
SLS is extremely cheap to buy and coupled with palm oil, high quality cosmetics cannot compete price wise. 
High quality cosmetics use high quality ingredients, which are good for your skin and specially formulated so they leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. 

100% natural soap is good for your skin 

Not everybody has had the pleasure of using natural soap, so it’s hard to tell you about the difference if you haven’t experienced it. This is why we are going to give you an example of a natural product that you may have experienced. 
Here we are going to highlight why going natural is a much better option, using the example of a cotton versus a polyester t-shirt. Cotton is a very breathable material, and when you wear it you feel the soft natural fibres on your skin. 
Cotton is soft but also strong, and once you have used it and it is no longer in a wearable condition then you can recycle it, or if it did end up in landfill then it would breakdown in the soil as it is 100% biodegradable. 
Polyester, while still doing the same job as the cotton t-shirt, is less breathable, so you may find you will sweat a lot more. Despite the t-shirt lasting slightly longer than the cotton one you will not be able to recycle it when finished with it, and when it goes to landfill it will not break down as it is essentially made of plastic. 
Natural soap like the cotton t-shirt is completely biodegradable. Once you have used it and it goes down the drain, it will seamlessly biodegrade back into nature.  
When using cheap chemical based soap, some of the ingredients such as triclosan, can have some adverse effects on our environment. 
Triclosan can be converted into a dioxin when exposed to sunlight in a wet environment, such as rivers, lakes and oceans, which is where the majority of our drains lead to. Dioxins are highly toxic compounds. 
Triclosan has been found to be toxic to various species of algae. It has also been detected in high concentration in earthworms. With this ingredient entering the base of the food chain, it will surely be in it at the top (that’s us by the way). 
Triclosan has been linked to abnormal hormone signalling, weakening of the immune system and development of allergies, asthma and eczema. This common soap ingredient is mainly found in soaps that promote their antibacterial qualities. 
Since March 2010, the EU has banned the use of triclosan within anything that comes into contact with food. Before then it used to be found in chopping boards, and other food preparation materials and tools. 
Hopefully we have persuaded you to try our natural soap with the example we have set out above. We know the difference between using natural and unnatural products. It’s a lot better for your skin and a lot better for your planet. 
High Quality cosmetics use high quality ingredients 
Here at Seatree Cosmetics we know natural is better for your skin. We have used mass produced soaps and shower gels in the past that left our skin feeling dry and rubbery even causing eczema
Since we started making our own natural soap, we have noticed the difference; our skin is now beautifully soft and feels moisturised after stepping out of the bath or shower. 
Now we have our own company selling our amazing soap, we hope you will join us in using it and we guarantee you will notice the difference. 
We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and if you think it could help someone then please share it. 
We’d love to hear your views, if you agree or have a different opinion, so please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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