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Planet Friendly Packaging 

We think that people are starting to wake up to the fact that a lot of the packaging we use in our shops and supermarkets, is not as eco friendly as it could be.  
For example the apples you buy come in a plastic wrap which is non-recyclable and really we should start asking ourselves do we really need this single use plastic covering that item. 
Probably not and we believe that paper bags, which are 100% recyclable, or reusable bags would be a much more eco friendly option. 
Here at Seatree Cosmetics we have put a lot of thought into our packaging, from the sending your parcel to packaging in bulk for our customers in retail, we make sure everything is 100% recyclable.  
This comes with a lot of effort, to source recyclable packing materials, kraft paper tape, cardboard boxes and even our soap cartons. 
Our soap cartons are made using 100% biodegradable card. When we met with our suppliers initially, we said that we wanted to be as eco friendly as possible.  
Our suppliers came back to use with 100% biodegradable packaging using inks that are safe for your compost heap. 
Not all card is the same. For example your cereal box is probably recyclable, but it may contain a layer of acrylic to make it shiny, or it may be printed with inks which are harmful to soils.  
We decided to stay away from these products, although the eco friendly packaging is not the cheapest. Ethically we knew we had to make the choice. It was a no brainer. 
In a perfect world, there would be no packaging. But in reality we need packaging to keep our products; clean, free from dust and other nasties that can lurk on our shop shelves or the environment around them.  
But we do need to be more conscious in what we use for our packaging, such as using recyclable and biodegradable packaging for as many products is practically possible. 

100% natural soap deserves biodegradable packaging 

As well as being recyclable, all of our natural soap cartons are compostable, which we truly believe is brilliant, as you have a choice to recycle or compost it.  
You may think you can compost all card, but this is not the case. Some cards have a plastic coating which is like throwing plastic onto your compost heap which we wouldn’t recommend. 
Our natural soap cartons are printed on card with no plastic coating added and use food safe inks so you will have no worries about throwing your soap cartons onto the compost heap and dangerous inks or plastic being distributed into your compost heap. 
So in conclusion, here at Seatree Cosmetics, as well as providing natural glycerin rich soap, we also care about the planet and try to be as sustainable as possible. 
As it says in our slogan: 
We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on planet friendly packaging. Please feel free to share it with anyone you feel it may benefit or help. 
If you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion or views. 

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