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Lime Essential Oil Benefits 

Lime is not just an amazing flavouring for food or drink; it also has some of the most extraordinary oils locked away inside its skin (the bit people usually toss in the bin!) When extracted, these essential oils have some remarkable benefits for your skin and health. 
In this article we’re going to tell you about some of these amazing benefits with studies backing up our claims. Topics we’ll cover include: 


Limes are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin c, as well as being a huge flavour asset in a number of drinks and dishes. 
In the UK, we have a long history of using limes and are often referred to by Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans as ‘Limeys’. 
This name has been shortened from the original ‘lime juicers’. Originally this was used as a derogatory term for British sailors in the 19th century, due to lime being a staple of their diet, often being mixed in with rum on their long voyages. 
Even though the native people of these countries laughed at the British, what the British were doing was incredibly sensible, as sailors from other countries who did not consume citrus fruits often suffered with scurvy. 
Now limes are a huge industry worldwide and the largest producers of limes and other citrus fruits tend to be in warmer climates. Top producers include: India, Brazil and Mexico. 


Lime essential oil is one of many essential oils which have antibacterial qualities; most citrus oils are extremely effective antibacterial agents. 
Lime has to be singled out as the most important antibacterial essential oil because is effective against the two types of bacteria: gram positive and gram negative.  
Examples of gram negative bacteria include: legionnaires disease, typhoid fever, plague, cholera, meningitis and e.coli. 
Examples of gram positive bacteria include: leprosy, diptheria and tuberculosis. 
As you can see from the diseases listed above, they both have the potential to cause a large amount of harm to you, which is why lime essential oil is a really great antibacterial agent to have on hand. 
According to this study, lime essential oils are effective at inhibiting the growth of both gram positive and negative bacterium: 
This quality of being an effective antibacterial agent against both types of bacteria is why we think lime essential oil is so great, because any bacteria you have on your skin will be inhibited by the essential oils. 


In the study we've referenced below, which studied all of the essential oils that may possess antiviral properties, 63 essential oils were tested with only 11 showing results of being antiviral. 
Lime essential oil was one of the 11 essential oils which reduced the activity of the virus by over 30%. 
This shows lime essential oil has the potential to be used as an antiviral treatment in the future if it can be developed or incorporated into a medicine. 
One of the key components that linked the antiviral activity through the most potent antiviral essential oils was the compound linalool, of which lime essential oil is made up of. 
Antiviral properties are great things to have as they reduce the activity of the virus, allowing the body more time to fight the virus and to stop its spread. 
Using lime essential oil in your everyday life will not stop you getting a virus, but if you do get a virus then it can slow it down, allowing the body more time to develop antibodies to fight it. 


Essential oils for anti-inflammatory use are becoming ever more popular due to the popular movement of using more natural products rather than chemicals. 
Lime essential oil is one of the essential oils with very good anti-inflammatory properties. In the study below, it is evidenced lime essential oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory. 
In the study it says essential oils like lime and lemon provoke a reaction within the body which can have an anti-inflammatory effect. This anti-inflammatory effect is very useful in skincare as anti-inflammatories reduce the redness of inflamed skin. 
This can be particularly useful in the treatment of diseases, like rosacea, which is an inflammatory skin disease in which the body inflames the skin on the face. 
The NHS recommend using gentle skincare product for rosacea sufferers, so by using a natural soap with lime essential oils you can reduce inflammation as well as being kind to your skin by using chemical surfactant free soap. 

Reduces stress & anxiety 

Lime is very similar in composition to other citrus essential oils, with a few subtle differences which make each one slightly unique. 
Studies have shown citrus oils, such as lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange, can reduce the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone which causes the body to feel stressed and increases anxiety and citrus oils and scents lower the amount of cortisol the body produces. 
In the study we’re referencing, 120 people were given stressful tasks to do involving public speaking and maths problems. The half that was given the vitamin supplements reported much lower stress and anxiety than the control group. 
So next time your sipping a mojito and feeling relaxed, it’s not just the rum that’s causing it! 

Lime soap benefits 

Using lime soap from Seatree Cosmetics has many benefits, with the key benefits being: 
Our lime soap is made using only 100% natural essential oil, so they instantly get the benefits listed above of being antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory, as well as the scent reducing stress and anxiety levels. 
At Seatree Cosmetics we use only 100% natural lime oil to scent our lime soap. You can check this out by looking at our ingredients list which will contain the words ‘citrus aurantifolia’, which is INCI (labelling) speak for lime essential oil. 
You’ll also notice there is no ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’ on the ingredients list, which means it is entirely scented with essential oils rather than a blend of fragrance and essential oils. 
Our soaps are made entirely with natural ingredients so they contain zero chemicals or nasty ingredients in them, which is why they are great for skin. 
A lot of the chemicals used within normal over the counter soaps are packed full of super drying sulphates which can leave your skin dried out. 
These over the counter soaps also contain a miniscule amount of glycerin, which is an ingredient naturally produced when making natural soap. 
This magic ingredient is simply the best moisturiser on the planet; it actively draws water towards your skin, keeping it soft, smooth and supple!  
Here at Seatree Cosmetics we leave all that lovely glycerin in, so it is brimming with the natural stuff that keeps your skin super soft. 
Another huge benefit of using lime soap when it is natural and scented with essential oils, is there are no artificial fragrance within it. 
Artificial fragrances can contain harmful ingredients such as phthalates and parabens, which have the potential to be carcinogenic. 
You won’t see these ingredients on the list of your over the counter soaps though. This is because they have been hidden under the blanket term ‘fragrance’. 
Under European law, companies who produce fragrances do not have to disclose any of the ingredients used in their fragrances so their competition cannot steal their recipe. 
Whilst this would be annoying to have competitors steal your recipe, we think the power given to these fragrance companies to use whatever chemicals they want inside their products is a step too far. 
We think our customers deserve to know what their putting on their skin, which is why we are committed to only using natural fragrance in our products and list them correctly. 
At Seatree Cosmetics all of our soaps are 100% natural, including all scents which come from essential oils. If you buy our wonderful soaps they are great for all types of skin, including dry and oily skin. They are available in our online shop and can be delivered to your door if you live inside the UK. 
Thank you for reading our article all the way to the end, if you found it really useful, why not share it or pin it! 
I hope you have enjoyed this article, and we have plenty more if you want to read more about why natural soap is so great, you can check out more of our articles on our blog. 

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On 21st June 2021 at 07:57, Msangu Mmoko wrote:
still i want to know more about lime essential oils especially its benefits like if it can heal vitiligo, wrinkles, loose muscles, patches on the skin, diabetes and pressure. But how to use it or apply for treatment and prevention?
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