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Lemon Essential Oil Benefits for Skin & Health 

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade right? Well we think this should change to make Lemon essential oil instead! This oil has some seriously good benefits for the skin and is almost infinitely useful! We'll explain further in this article and the topics we'll cover on this amazing oil are; 
The lemon's origins are technically unknown, but it is thought that they originated in South East Asia around the area or Myanmar and southern China. Lemon's are also thought to be a hybrid species of the sour orange and citron fruits. 
The largest producers of lemons in the world is actually Mexico, closely followed by India. Spain is the largest exporter of lemons in the world.  
Lemon essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. The oil we use is cold pressed, which means the oil is extracted by squeezing and pressing the oil out of the peel. You can also get essential oil by distilling, which is basically pushing steam through the peel and siphoning off the oil that comes out. 
Lemon is a popular, well-liked scent and for good reasons. Its fresh and zingy and brings a smile to your face. In China the lemon is worshipped as a symbol of happiness and its obvious to us that this scent is a clear mood booster! 
Reduce stress & anxiety 
Lemon essential oil has a relaxing scent. You may have noticed this when using it in your bath, or even using lemon based cleaning products. Now we all know baths are relaxing, and cleaning up a mess will reduce anxiety, but did you know lemon essential oil actually has some measurable effects of reducing anxiety. 
A study performed in 2006 on mice, in which they were subjected to 3 stress tests, showed lemon essential oil had the best results in reducing stress and improving mood. In these experiments it even outperformed some of the powerhouses of relaxation scents, beating the test results of lavender and rose. 
Although here at Seatree Cosmetics we do not agree with testing on animals, we are just using this study to highlight to you how powerful the scent of lemon essential oil is. 
One of the ways we would recommend using essential oils to de-stress is through a diffuser or a few drops in an already relaxing bath. Applying essential oils directly to skin or ingesting is a bad idea as you may have a reaction to the oil. 
If you were to apply topically, always dilute the oil in carrier oil such as olive or coconut. We recommend a couple of drops infused into a teaspoon’s worth of carrier oil. 
Younger, brighter skin 
Who doesn't want younger looking skin? I think that's high on everybodies wishlist. Well there are these molecules out there that can actually age your skin prematurely. They're called free radicals and the reason they age your skin is that these cells steal electrons from your skin cells, damaging them! 
Skin care that contains antioxidants stops this from happening. This is because the antioxidants actually donate an electron to these free radicals, rather than your skin cells, leaving them undamaged. This results in younger, brighter looking skin. 
The antioxidant in lemon essential oil is great for your skin, as antioxidants in skin care can prevent free radicals on your skin.  
In another study, lemon and other essential oils were tested on different strains of bacteria, ranging from MRSA to E.coli.  
The study has concluded the lemon essential oil has antibacterial and antioxidant effect which is effective at reducing the efficiency of bacteria working. This was due to its high concentration of limonene and pinene in the oil. 
This makes lemon one of the top choices for us as a soap to use on acne prone skin. Acne is caused by the excess build up of dead skin and oil within the pores of your skin.  
When bacteria is mixed with these clogged pores, then large red spots, also known as pimples, can form. Using a natural antibacterial agent on your skin every day can keep the bacteria propionibaterium acne at bay and reduce the chances of an acne breakout. 
Antiseptic & antifungal 
Along with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, lemon essential oil is also a great antiseptic. There have been studies involving animals where lemon essential oil has been applied to wounds and the levels of bacteria around the wound are little to none.  
This could be due to its amazing antibacterial properties. 
In a study, the properties of lemon essential oils were touted as a way to treat microbial skin diseases. These skin diseases included athletes foot, thrush and yeast infections. The report stated the effects were most prominent when the oil was applied topically. 
If you were planning on applying a topical solution to yourself, you should always dilute the solution properly. By this we mean around 2 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, and always before applying the solution to perform a patch test to check to see if there is a reaction with your skin. 
Increases alertness & concentration 
Amazingly lemon essential oil can increase your concentration and alertness. There have been a couple of studies on the effectiveness of lemon essential oils which have been diffused into the surrounding environment. 
In one study of school children who were taught with this oil lingering in the atmosphere, the students performed much better, with the results being attributed to learning in a multi-sensual environment. 
In another study on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the subjects showed improved orientation and cognitive function after being exposed to aromatherapy throughout the day, which is a considerable improvement in concentration. 

Lemon soap benefits 

In our soaps we only use 100% pure essential oils to fragrance them, including our lemon soap. When using our lemon soap, you will gain from the benefits of lemon essential oil as it is included within the soap. 
When using a soap that has been fragranced with synthetic lemon fragrance oil you probably won’t get any benefits from it and could even be using known carcinogens, such as phthalates, on your skin. 
The easiest way to check whether your soap has lemon essential oil included in it is to check the ingredients list for it. The oil will be listed as citrus lemon peel oil on the label if there is essential oil present in the soap. If there is a listed ingredient called parfum, then the soap will more than likely be scented with fragrance oil, which is cheaper, smells stronger because it is enhanced with phthalates which boost the fragrance, and is synthetically made. 
The synthetic fragrance may have some nasty chemicals in it, but legally they do not have to list their ingredients as they are protected by the European Chemical Agency and by law they are allowed to not list these ingredients because of copyright. 
We believe in listing all of our ingredients truthfully so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. And we believe in the best ingredients for your skin for the best results. At Seatree Cosmetics our soaps are 100% natural, including all the scents which come from essential oils only. 
If you would like to buy some, then it is available in our online shop and can be delivered straight to your door. 
Thank you for reading our article all the way to the end. I hope you have enjoyed this article, and we have plenty more on our blog if you want to read more about why natural soap with lemon essential oil is so great. 

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