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Coco Clean 

Here at Seatree Cosmetics we don’t like to toot our own horn, but in this case we feel like we must! 
We believe with the availability of information in the palm of your hand nowadays people are more inclined to look up what they use on their skin.  
That’s why we created our beautiful range of soaps that are 100% natural as well as being glycerin rich and moisturising.  
Coconut oil comes in 2 different forms, you can get solid and fractionated which is a liquid. Our coconut oil is solid but has a melting point of around 24 degrees celsius. This is great in summer as the oil melts and is super easy to scoop into our soap making containers. 
Not so much fun in the winter which seems to be around 7 months of the year in Devon! But we love it because it is such a great ingredient in soap. 
We believe in natural ingredients; they can provide us with everything we need in a soap bar!  
When we think of soap, we think of clean and that’s why we use coconut oil in our products. When this luscious oil is turned into sodium cocoate it becomes a super cleaner, leaving you fresh and clean. 
Be aware pure 100% coconut oil soap will leave you dry, which is why we only use the perfect amount in our soaps, to leave you clean but not dry.  
Coconut oil is not to be confused with palm oil; these two products are completely different as you can see from the picture. 

cleanse and nourish 

The coconut comes from the palm tree known as cocos nurifera which is what you may have seen on the beach when you went on that holiday.  
The oil we use is pressed from the white ‘meat’ of the coconut, so as well as being delicious, it’s also great for your skin (please do NOT eat soap, it is not edible). 
Palm oil comes from the elaeis guineensis tree and produces two different oils. 
Palm oil comes from the red fleshy part of the fruit and once boiled will look similar to butter.  
Palm kernel oil is made from pressing the white ‘meat’ of the fruit. A lot of larger companies use this very cheap oil in their products and in large quantities, which is very cheap but also very drying for your skin, because the properties of palm oil and palm kernel oil are similar to coconut. 
The coconut is the second most productive tree in terms of oil production behind the palm tree. For every hectare of coconut trees you will get around about 2 tonnes of oil. Compared to 0.75 tonnes for rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. 
The reason we use this oil instead of palm oil which is considerably cheaper, is that the oil is not associated with massive deforestation. We believe that if we can cut palm oil use, then this will reduce the demand for it, thus stopping people cutting and burning down the rainforest to plant more palm trees. 
As well as having a large amount of use's and being delicious the coconut has so many other good qualities for skincare. Coconut oil in skin care products can be very moisturizing and can help you retain your youthful looks as it contains lots of antioxidants. 
In soap the coconut helps remove and wash away dead skin cells, with its natural cleansing abilities. It also helps fight and prevent acne with its cleansing properties. 
Here at Seatree Cosmetics we only want the best for your skin which is why we use only small quantities of coconut oil in our products to clean you but not enough to dry your skin. Soap with high amounts of cleanser such as palm oil or coconut oil can worsen dry skin conditions such as eczema
Once our soap has cleaned you, the glycerin inside it will provide a protective layer over the top of your skin, stopping moisture loss and keeping you skin soft and supple. 
We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and share it with your friends so they can learn how great the coconut is in soap in the right quantities. 
We'd love to hear what you think. Please leave us a comment below if you have enjoyed the article or have a different opinion. 

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