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Seatree Cosmetics- 7 Reasons to switch to natural soap

7 Reasons to Switch to 100% Natural Soap 

Could your detergent based soap, shower gel or handwash be bad for your skin? In short, the answer is yes. 
Here are 7 reasons why you should switch your usual soap or shower gel to a natural soap. 
1. Glycerin - Now this may sound like a scary ingredient, but in fact glycerin is a humectant, which simply put, draws moisture from the air around it.  
This is great for your skin as it keeps it moisturised and supple. Glycerin is found in detergent based soaps, but in very low quantities. 
The glycerin in the over the counter soap will also probably be counter acted by the high quantity of sulphates (surfactants) within the soap, which will strip the natural oils straight off your skin. 
2. 100% Natural Essential oils - The ingredients are from the natural plant, or skin of the fruit. So lemon essential oil will come from lemon peel. 
Unlike essential oil, fragrance oil is a synthetic. And unlike essential oil, we don’t know what they contain, as under the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) companies do not have to disclose what is in them, and unsurprisingly they don’t. 
Essential oils have many great properties for your skin, some are anti-inflammatory, others antibacterial and some even add natural hydration to your skin. 
3. No SLS or SLES - These ingredients were first developed as engine degreasers during World War 2, and then utilised as degreasers in laundry detergent. 
Since they were such effective (and cheap!) degreasers and cleaners, the cosmetic industry has been using them for some time.  
So every time you use a shower gel or mass produced soap, you are washing with an ingredient that was used to degrease engines!  
We recommend switching to something a little bit more natural. 
4. Animal Welfare - Most large cosmetic companies test their products on animals; it’s cheap to do and they can’t sue if the product causes them to breakout in green warts! 
At Seatree Cosmetics we don’t test any product on animals, as we know ethically this is wrong, and plus when your using natural ingredients the products are much safer to test on yourselves!  
If you are an animal lover, we recommend that you switch to a natural soap
Seatree Cosmetics- love your skin, love your planet

100% Natural Soap is great for your skin 

5. Love Your Skin - Natural soap will leave your skin feeling moisturised, soft and supple. The glycerin inside of it will act as a barrier to moisture loss, and if your skin is moisturised it is protected.  
When your skin is dry and cracked, it leaves gaps where bacteria and viruses can enter, causing infection and disease. It will also let moisture out which can cause dry skin conditions such as eczema
If you use over the counter soap, you are drying out your skin and making it more likely to become cracked and dry.  
Natural soap also contains 100% essential oils, which can reduce inflammation, combat acne and have analgesic properties! 
6. Love Your Planet - Natural soap only contains natural ingredients, which when finished with will biodegrade back into nature seamlessly.  
Chemical ingredients on the other hand, such as triclosan, which can be found in mass produced soaps or shower gels, have been detected in lakes and rivers, disrupting the ecosystems that exist there.  
Also the sls or sles that large companies use in their soap will usually come from either petroleum or palm oil which each contribute massively to global warming. 
We recommend if you are passionate about the environment then you should switch to a natural soap. 
7. Supporting Local Business - There are lots of small artisan makers of soap and other cosmetics all over the UK.  
Whenever you buy from these people, you are supporting them and their families.  
When you choose to buy from a local independent or an online independent, then you are putting your money back into a local community rather than a multi-nationals bank account. 
Local business is the lifeblood of your community, and if you don’t support it, then your community won’t prosper and thrive. 
We hope you have enjoyed our blog on why you should start using natural products on your skin. They really are good for your skin, they are normally made by smaller local producers, and they are a lot better for your environment. 
If you want to see glycerin in work, check out our video on our glycerin blog post, which is also located on this page or on our YouTube channel. 
Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this blog post or have a different view. 
At Seatree Cosmetics we only sell 100% natural soap, which we make with our own special process, with only natural ingredients.  
If you wish to buy some then please follow this link to our shop

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On 7th July 2020 at 15:16, Seatree Cosmetics wrote:
Hi Stella,
Currently we are not offering courses and as such we don't have any training materials.
But we do have a step by step video on our youtube channel where you can watch us make a batch of soaps for christmas (private use).
I hope this helps you on the start of your soap making journey.
Kind regards
Everyone at Seatree Cosmetics
On 6th July 2020 at 06:05, Stella Anene wrote:
Please can you train me online or send me materials (step by step) on how to make the soap. I am interested and want start a small business.
There's no more job/work so I think this soap making may not cost much and will be affordable for the community this period.
Expecting your positive response.
Thank you

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