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Seatree Cosmetics 100% natural soap handmade in devon colouring turmeric

100% Natural Colouring 

Yes that’s right, everything here at Seatree Cosmetics is 100% natural. We believe in this so much that we even naturally colour our soaps. We do this by using only natural herbs, spices and roots to colour our products.  
If you were to unlatinify our ingredient list you would see that we use spinach powder, turmeric powder, paprika powder and alkanet root to colour our natural soaps. 
How do we do this? We use a process called steeping (no I haven’t misspelled stepping). Steeping is where you add an ingredient to an oil to change the colour of the oil. 
Once we have added the colouring to the oil, we leave it for a few weeks, in a dark cupboard. Occasionally taking it out to give it a good shake. 
Once it's had a few weeks for the oils and the natural colouring to infuse, its ready to use in the soap making process.  
Initially when the infused oil goes into the soap making container its very bright and vivid. But once you have added the lye water to the oils the shade of colour is more akin to a pastelle pallet.  
We use Olive oil for our infusions as the oil is a very light colour initially. This makes the dyeing process a lot easier.  
If we were to use an oil such as hempseed, it would either take a very long time to dye or it just wouldn't do it as hempseed oil is a very strong green colour. 
You may have seen this in some of those fancy jars where they add chilli’s to oil. it's a similar process of infusion. 
Well we decided that chilli’s were the wrong direction to go for soaps, I don’t think I know a single person that fancies a spicy wash! So yes all of the colours you see in our soaps are completely naturally produced. 

natural soap deserves natural colouring 

Is this the case for all soaps
Unfortunately no. Even some of the small producers of soap prefer the more vibrant colours that artificially created bright colours. It is almost impossible to produce a pure white soap naturally. 
No wait. It is impossible. 
The ingredient used is normally to dye soap white is titanium dioxide, which is naturally occurring but not in its pure white form; this means it has to go through a process to become the colourant that some soap producers use. 
When the ilmenite, rutile or titanium slag is processed, they use sulphuric acid or chlorine to turn the raw material into titanyl sulphate. The titanyl sulphate is then hydrolysed in a solution to give you titanium dioxide.  
Titanium dioxide has been linked to cancer when inhaled, so make sure you don't inhale it. One of it's use's is as a sunscreen as it protect from UVA and UVB rays. 
In this study, it has said that while there is no conclusive evidence that Titanium dioxide is a carcinogen, but that it should be used with great care in food and cosmetics. 
Titanium dioxide is used by many small and large soap makers. This is because it gives soap that pure white finish. Also it can be used for making soap lighter, for instance if your had a green dye but you wanted it lighter you would add titanium dioxide. 
We prefer to just use 100% natural colouring in our soap, as it's probably a lot better for your skin than something that has been processed in sulphuric acid. 
Bright vibrant colours that may lure you in are again synthetically produced, while these vibrant colours look brilliant, the synthetic nature of them are probably not the best for your skin. 
Most brightly coloured soaps are made using mica's which can be mined naturally but again go through a process to create a final product. 
Mica's are safe to use in cosmetics, as long as they are approved for use in cosmetics. You can get mica's which you would say are pretty much the same as cosmetic safe one's which look and act exactly the same. 
India and Russia produced a lot of the mica powders in the world. This is one of the reasons we don't use natural mica's. The conditions in the mines are pretty terrible with it being reported that 1 in 5 of the workers are children
Plus we just love the natural pastelle tones that our steeped oils produce.  
Which is why we here at Seatree Cosmetics, will only ever use natural colourants in our 100% natural soap, as we believe that the less processing everything goes through will only ever create the best product for your skin adn better for our planet. 
We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and feel free to share it with your friends who may be interested. 
Also please leave a comment if you have enjoyed the post or have a different opinion or view, we'd love to hear it. 

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