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About us and our beautiful natural soaps 

Do you love beautiful soft skin? Do you love your planet?  
Here at Seatree Cosmetics we love both and that’s why we started this amazing company. 
In our family we have too many people, children and adults, that suffer with dry skin and eczema. This lead to us to question our normal skin care routines and really look into what we were putting onto our skin, every single day. 
We found that the products we were using from the supermarket and pharmacy were leaving our skin super dry and no wonder as after looking into what they contained, we could clearly see they were not made for people with dry skin. 
We decided to take things into our own very dry hands! The main problem with traditional soaps and body wash is that it made with the same chemicals used in cleaning products like laundry detergent and washing up liquid.  
We started making our own natural soaps, didn't add any chemicals, and didn't take any of the glycerin out of the soaps to use in moisturising cream (like all the big soap companies do). Hey presto! Our skin was soft smooth and moisturised.  
So what is this glycerin stuff?  
Glycerin is the key ingredient found in moisturisers to keep your skin soft and full of moisture. In skincare it comes under the category of humectants; an ingredient that will actively draw moisture to your skin. 
It's probably the most important skin care ingredient you've never heard of, but it works wonders in moisturising cream. But we asked why take it out of the soap, just to put in another product? 
Watch our video showing how glycerin atrracts moisture to it! 
This is where it becomes even more jaw-dropping. The glycerin they take out of your regular off-the-shelf body wash, they add to their moisturisers. 
So by drying out your skin when washing with their body wash products, you then need to buy their moisturisers for the pleasure of re-moisturising your skin.  
Why not keep the glycerin in the body wash products in the first place?  
Here at Seatree Cosmetics that is exactly what we do, keep our beautifully nourishing glycerin in our products so you do not need to buy other products to rehydrate your skin and your skin will remain beautifully soft from using our wonderful products. 

we recommend natural soap for your skin 

And the final kick in the teeth is when we tell you what these companies replace the glycerin with. 
Palm oil. Sounds wonderful? No, we don’t think so either. These palm oil derivatives are found commonly in your soaps, shampoos and shower gels. Ever heard of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate?  
They are well known skin irritants. These two palm oil based chemicals are used in labs to test moisturisers, by irritating the skin to eczema levels. If you have the time, please watch the video here to show you the real impact of SLS and SLES. 
So what makes us at Seatree Cosmetics so great? 
Not only do we keep all of our beautiful glycerin in our soap, we also only use natural ingredients in our soap. From the oils we use, to the fragrance, to the colourants, all of it is completely natural. We believe natural ingredients will improve our impact on the planet in a positive way, but best of all, make the best possible soap for your skin.  
This is all we use and all we will ever use. Ever. Promise. 
Did you also know we believe in saving the world? 
Just call us superheroes with beautifully soft, glycerin-enriched skin.  
The rainforests are being cut down at alarming rates, and we object. The main reason is palm oil. This crop is responsible for a large amount of deforestation in the most rich and biodiverse parts of the world. 
We refuse to use palm oil in any of our products for a number of reasons.  
Firstly, the deforestation of habitat for so many animals that share our beautiful world.  
Secondly, palm oil qualities are incredibly drying, stripping oils and moisture from your skin, which is the complete opposite of what we want to do. 
Finally, the false use of the word sustainable to promote people to thinking palm oil is ok to use. If demand outstrips supply and they have to keep cutting down rainforest to supply the world with this cheap oil then it can’t really be sustainable. 
The scientific definition of sustainability is: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. 
How can we support ecological balance when we are chucking orang-utans and the supporting ecosystem out of their homes to make this ethically deplorable product? 
Fully recyclable 
As well as being ethical superheroes, we are also recycling superheroes! Yes, really. All of our packaging is completely biodegradable! We believe in recycling here at Seatree Cosmetics, so as well as beautifully soft glycerin-enriched skin, and great smelling eco-friendly products, you can either throw your packaging straight into your recycling bin, or if you are someone with green fingers you can throw your box straight into that compost bin. So as well as nourishing your skin with that beautiful glycerin rich soap, we’ll also nourish your plants with our compostable packaging
So now you know about us and our ethos here at Seatree Cosmetics, why don’t you have a look at our wonderful range of products in our shop, your skin and planet will thank you for it. 
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